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What about the collection?

MUSEUM IN PROGRESS - What about the collection?


When the works of the Museum of Ixelles leave storage and invite themselves round to the neighbours’!

A temporarily inaccessible museum is such a great opportunity! That of having a good long look at yourself but also of reviewing the way in which you do things and heading out to meet new audiences. And it’s not always worth looking much further!

Joining forces with the people running the non-profit organisation Patrimoine à roulettes as part of the Athénée sustainable neighbourhood contract (2017-2020), the Museum of Ixelles is giving its works a life outside the museum with the involvement of its neighbours.

The project will have three components:

1. Museum in your home

Two weekends a year, ten works will come out of storage and spend two busy days in one of the Museum of Ixelles’ neighbours.

On the Saturday, the host will unveil his chosen work to his nearest and dearest; on the Sunday, he will open his home to the public who will be able to walk from neighbour to neighbour and admire ten works on display in an original context.

Next date for the public: December 1st 2019 – in the Porte de Namur/Saint-Boniface neighourhood of Ixelles.
More info here.

2. Mash up

How do young people feel about the works in the Museum of Ixelles?

How can these works inspire them and lead to original creations, which can then be shared with the public?
A dozen classes of pupils from secondary schools located in the Athénée neighbourhood will be given the chance to develop an artistic project with a direct link to the collections in the Museum of Ixelles. Starting out from the young people’s talents and their desire to discover new things, these encounters will lead to varied creations.

The first projects, which will be finalised in 2018, will be organised in collaboration with two classes from the École professionnelle Edmond Peeters – the closest secondary school to the museum. They will conclude with the making of short films in stop motion for pupils in the Domestic Skills section, and educational objects for pupils from the Silkscreen section.

3. Celebrations

For the entire duration of the neighbourhood contract, opportunities for festive encounters will be planned in order to encourage exchanges between neighbours in the broad sense of the term (schools, associations, residents…) and to give a visibility to the projects and events which have come about with their involvement.

A project of the Museum of Ixelles and Patrimoine à roulettes

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