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During its closure, the Museum of Ixelles builds up, more than ever before, its programme of activities aimed at making art, and more specifically its collections, accessible to schools.

A whole range of activities and educational projects are developed from the Kindergarten to the 6th secondary school.

"Le Musée en histoires (The Museum in Stories)"

The animated storytelling takes place in one or two sessions and invites children to walk along the paths of belgian art through stories of children's literature and through a selection of reproductions of masterpieces from the collections of the Museum of Ixelles.

This project is carried out in partnership with Marie Koerperich, storyteller of the Maître Mot asbl.

Target groups: schools in Ixelles - from the Kindergarten to the 3rd nursery school.

Booking: - 02 515 64 18.

N.B.: due to the very limited number of activities, the selection of participating schools is made at the beginning of the school year in consultation with the Maître Mot asbl. These activities are held only in French.

If you are interested, please let us know!

"Wheelie, the magical bike that brings art to the little ones"

Wheelie is an electric two-wheeler, equipped with a large surprise box containing playful accessories - games, musical instruments, reproductions of works from the museum's collections, etc. - designed to introduce children to the multiple riches of art.

Multisensory activities are favoured, offering children a chance to discover a work from the collections coupled with a musical awakening or even creative movement exercises...

A choice of 5 animations is available. You are free to choose one or more.

Target groups: schools located less than 5 km from the Museum of Ixelles - from 2nd nursery to 2nd primary.

Fees: 60 € / session (+/- 1h) / class + 25 € travel expenses / day / school.

Min. 2 consecutive animations (in the same morning or afternoon).

In partnership with Movart Kids.

For further information.

N.B.: During the sessions, Wheelie will also need a parking spot inside your school.


Two primary classes from the same school are at the same time offered a coaching of ten playful and artistic sessions that will lead them to discover Belgian modern art, to look behind the museum scenes and also to prepare a real exhibition according to museum rules. On the programme: visit of an art museum, visit of the museum of Ixelles' storage, creation of works inspired by the collections, realization of an exhibition and a guided tour of it for the parents and other pupils of the school. 

The Museo'Class project has already been carried out in the following schools in Ixelles: École des Étangs (School Group 5), École Sainte Trinité, Institut Saint-Boniface, School De Wimpel (in partnership with MUS-E Belgium).

Target groups: primary classes (4-5-6 years) of Brussels schools.

Fees: the "Museo'Class" projects have been made possible thanks to the support of the Commune of Ixelles (Athénée Sustainable Neighbourhood Contract in collaboration with the Brussels-Capital Region / Brede School) and Cocof (Culture a de la classe).

Booking: if you would like to set up a "Museo'Class" in your school, please contact us so that we can find out together how to make it possible.

"Mash up, young people's views on the collections of the Museum of Ixelles."

How do young people look at the Museum of Ixelles and its collections? How can they inspire them as to generate original creations to share with the public? Secondary school classes located in the Athénée district in Ixelles are developing an artistic project directly linked to the collections of the Museum. Based on the young people's skills and desire to discover, these encounters give rise to a variety of creations.

The "Mash up" projects are carried out in partnership with the non-profit organisation “Patrimoine à Roulettes” as part of the Athénée Sustainable Neighbourhood Contract (2017-2020).

Projects have already been carried out with EPEP (2018), the Institut René Cartigny (2019) and are currently being developed with the Athénée Charles Janssens (2020).

Target groups: secondary school classes in Brussels.

Booking and fees: - 02 515 64 18.

N.B.: the selection of participating schools is made at the beginning of the school year in consultation with the Patrimoine à Roulettes team.

If you are interested, please let us know!



Practical information 

Would you like to participate in an activity or learn more about one of these

 Are you inspired by the collections of the Museum of Ixelles and would you
 like to develop a specific project with your class?

 Contact us! - 02 515 64 18.



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