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TELL US! Enlighten the Museum of Ixelles


In the midst of extension and renovation works, the Museum of Ixelles is keener than ever to form a bond with the public and offer them a key role in its redeployment for the re-opening planned in 2024.

Rethinking the public's place within the museum

Outside exhibitions in Belgium and abroad; teaching events in schools (such as the Wheelie carho bike which visits the little ones in nursery to Mash up art projects designed with teenagers); local events like Musée comme chez soi (Museum at home) where the museum's neighbours host a work of art at home and display it to the public over a weekend, etc.

All these projects - which currently take place outside the museum's walls - are all opportunities to question the museum's position and role within society and to move the institutional boundaries. Teachers and students become co-creators in teaching events; when neighbours present a work of art in their living room, they become curators, hosts and guides at the same time...

Our closure is a real opportunity to appeal differently to the public, to invite them to take ownership of the collections and involve them concretely in the institution's life. This is also the ideal time to rethink their position within the museum itself, hand-in-hand with them!

Tell us!

While in-house, the team is gradually developing the future museum's strategic vision where the participation and inclusion of a diverse audience will hold a key position, the adventure of an in-depth public consultation appears to be a logical step in this path.

It is therefore high time for the public to tell us about their vision of the museum, visitor expectations and more broadly their dream of the ideal relationship with tomorrow's Museum of Ixelles.

Why do you go to the museum?

Your friends are coming from abroad. Would you recommend the Museum of Ixelles to them?

What would your Mona Lisa at the Museum of Ixelles be?

What exhibition would you like to see at the Museum of Ixelles when it reopens?

The Museum of Ixelles: creating a bond between people.
Yes, but how?

A public consultation in several stages...

The public consultation takes place in different stages and will finish at the end of 2021.
The Museum of Ixelles is inviting everyone to take part:

in the online survey between 23 March and 18 April 2021.

This enquiry provided valuable information that will feed into the rest of the process.

> at the forum meeting on 19 & 20 June

During each half-day, reflection workshops (2 hours) were preceded by a short presentation of the Ixelles Museum behind the scenes (1 hour).

This fall 2021, the reflection is continuing with focus groups put together according to the needs revealed in the first two stages (work surrounding audiences or specific themes) : young people, people with disabilities, audiences that are representative of Brussels' cultural diversity, bridge organisations for disadvantaged audiences.

The consultation's outcomes will be communicated around springtime 2022.

... and in good company

A public support committee composed of a panel of around ten people with very diverse backgrounds (young people and senior citizens, neighbours who are very involved or people wo have not yet visited the museum, etc.) will lend a critical and creative perspective to the development, monitoring and finalisation of this entire campaign.

They are invited by the museum to offer opinions on the questions submitted to the public and the approach put in place and offer their analysis of the results collected throughout the campaign. If they wish, they can take play an even more active part in this campaign by co-developing certain participative events.

To develop this project, the Museum of Ixelles will be advised by the firm 21 Solutions, which specialises in supporting participative citizen processes.

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