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Wheelie - the bike that brings art to toddlers

Not always easy to get to the museum with a bunch of kindergarten kids. What's more, when the museum is closed for expansion...

Good news: the Ixelles Museum is coming to your classroom! The collections come out of storage and arrive at school in Wheelie's magic box, our cargo bike.

Wheelie offers 5 fun animations accompanied by movement exercises and music. Each animation unveils a work from the collections.

The device is suitable for classes from 1st nursery to 2nd primary.




Abracadami : let's enter the world of the magical painter Adami...

But who are these strange and colorful characters? Where are they? The magician Adami has blurred the tracks with his brush. The painting looks almost like a messy jigsaw puzzle. In this animation, children will enter the enigmatic world of the Italian painter. They will play with colours and shapes, dance on the lines of the painting and experiment with balancing games. 

Sea air and fine sand: a journey in motion by the seaside

Paintings have the power to take us on a journey. Let's go to the seaside together. Let the wind caress us. Let's play in the dunes. Let's jump on the waves. Let's listen to the sound of the sea in the shells. During this activity, the children will encounter materials that suggest the sweetness of an afternoon at the sea. Through a tactile adventure, as if by magic, they will be transported to the Little Beach in Frantz Charlet's painting.

Ombrachapipo: an adventure in the world of shadows

Funny atmosphere! The lights stretch out and the shadows grow longer. What is that silhouette walking alone on the dike? Let's join her! Sometimes in the shadows, sometimes in the light... The children will discover a painting by the Belgian symbolist artist Léon Spilliaert.

Attention: this session integrates the play of light and shadow. If you do not have drapes or blinds to cover the windows of your classroom, we ask you to provide an alternative solution or another room that meets these conditions.

Sidoré, I have the key: the story of a musician who lived in a painting!

We entered a musician's house. Is he there? Huh? No, there's no one there. We are alone to discover his house. What's behind the doors and in the cupboards? Let's imagine the history of this interior through music and movement. A soft animation, in the same tones as Louis Thévenet's painting.

Panticolori: Let's move our body like a puppet of all colours!

A little girl received a new toy: a colourful puppet. This puppet can bend in 4 or do the big split. Let's slide into the painting and dance with him. Our legs, hands, feet, head, but also our knees, shoulders, ankles, neck, elbows and the whole family of our joints will enter into a colourful clown dance under the amused gaze of the little girl with the puppet!     



Practical information

Wheelie animations last between 45 minutes and 1 hour depending on the age and attention span of the students.          

The 5 animations are different. You can schedule one or more sessions for the same class. If you would like more information or to make a reservation, please contact the Public Service of the Ixelles Museum by telephone on 02/515 64 18 or by e-mail:


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