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For the new season, the Museum of Ixelles offers up a palette of exhibitions that are particularly striking and inspiring, immersed in abstract and conceptual worlds.

FROM CHINA TO TAIWAN. The Pioneers of Abstraction (1955-1985)

Fascinating, seductive and contemplative, the artistic expressions of Asia are distinguished by their extraordinary originality, their great formal variety and their fertile meditative richness. Beyond highlighting a singular aesthetic, this exhibition also tells an epic tale of the Chinese artists who in 1949, forced to leave their native country, found refuge in Taiwan. In this new world, the artists discovered a fascination with Western abstract art. Abstraction then became a route into international modernity, whilst expressing their deep-rooted heritage.

ELIE BORGRAVE. Balance of Opposites

This unorthodox retrospective highlights one of the important and yet largely unknown players of the Belgian abstraction movement of the second half of the 20th century. The work of Elie Borgrave, its rhythms and colours, contains an underestimated talent, which is here both honoured and restored. The exhibition testifies to a period of abstraction that dispalys conviction and immense freedom. It is a work with a singular and sensitive outlook.


As curator of the Museum of Ixelles from 1957 to 1987, Jean Coquelet was a visionary in his profession and a fervent defender of artists throughout his career. We are particularly delighted to lift the veil on a hidden side to this exceptional man - that of the photographer that channels the female body into a great poetic vision.

OLIVIA HERNAÏZ. Winner of ArtContest 2016

With an installation designed specifically for the Museum of Ixelles, Olivia Hernaïz invites us to re-examine our relationship with our social environment and its space, objects and largely political dialogue that confronts us.

With both audacity and gravity, playful and yet balanced, the work of Olivia Hernaïz proves to be remarkable and impertinent.

In addition, for its fourth FOCUS, the Museum of Ixelles introduces Joris Van de Moortel, a rising figure in contemporary Belgian art.  This young visual artist is shaking up traditional codes and practices with multi-media compositions and installations.

With discoveries upon discoveries, the Museum of Ixelles hopes to present a summer filled with unique, surprising and enriching experiences.


Dominique Dufourny                        Yves de Jonghe d'Ardoye                                                             Claire Leblanc
Madam Mayor                                  Honorary Deputy - Alderman of the Culture                                  Conservator                                                                                            

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