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Exhibitions 2015


Spring 2015

GAO XINGJIAN. Retrospective
26.02 > 31.05.2015

The GAO XINGJIAN Retrospective invited you to discover the powerful and poetic work of an extraordinary contemporary artist. French Chinese, a prolific author awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2000, Gao Xingjian is diverse: playwright, filmmaker and renowned artist. His work is devoted to the free exploration of a stream of consciousness through the movement of ink on paper. Through an inner journey, the artist gave us work that is expressive, humanist and universal.
He uses ink with a questioning, contemporary Western approach but one that is rooted in a traditional Chinese style. Amid such sublime a quest, the GAO XINGJIAN Retrospective was a fresh, initiatory journey that reinvigorated us in these uncertain times.

Catalogue of the exhibition - no longer available at the bookshop of the Museum of Ixelles
Michel Draguet, Gao Xingjian. Le goût de l’encre
Édition Hazan, 232 pages, 200 illustrations
ISBN: 9782754108195
35 €


LUCIEN DE ROECK. From posters to letters
26.02 > 31.05.2015

To commemorate the centenary of his birth, the Museum of Ixelles paid tribute to Lucien De Roeck (1915 – 2002), the creator of one of the most iconic posters of Expo 58.  As a graphic designer, typographer, designer and creator of posters, De Roeck was a Belgian artist with an undeniably extraordinary talent.  His work, characterised by an accuracy of line and an irregular spirit, shows a purification of drawing and observant imagination that remains astonishingly modern.
Original posters, newspaper cartoons, sketchbooks, paintings and drawings were exhibited to allow visitors to discover or rediscover this designer whose students at La Cambre (ENSAV) included Pierre Alechinsky and Jean-Michel Folon.

Catalogue of the exhibition
Anne Carre, Hugo Puttaert & Karl Scheerlinck
LUCIEN DE ROECK. De l'affiche à la lettre
Racine Editions, 112 pages, colour illustrations
Edited in French and Dutch
ISBN FR-NL: 978 2 87386 919 9. 24,95 €


02.04 > 03.05.2015

Sonia Niwemahoro, winner of ART’CONTEST 2013, took you into a world combining minimalist installation, performance and video. Humans, shapes, materials, everyday objects, space and rhythm were all elements to be found at the heart of her artistic approach.



YOUNES BABA-ALI. Winner ArtContest 2014
07.05 > 31.05.2015

To undermine a system, it is first necessary to infiltrate.
The Museum of Ixelles invited you to discover the world of Younes Baba-Ali, winner of the 2014 ART’CONTEST Prize. Whether amused or dismayed, we were seduced by his versatile and coherent work, challenging us to take a lingering look at the fine line (or the inevitable coexistence) between intelligence and chaos.

Summer 2015

PAYSAGES de Belgique. A new vision of landscapes in Belgian art from 1830 to the present day
25.06 > 20.09.2015

Last summer, you found yourself off the beaten track and explored the unexpected right in the heart of LANDSCAPES of Belgium.  An original selection of paintings, prints, photographs, videos and installations dating from 1830 to the present day took you on a unique journey with a refreshing new vision of our country.

With more than seventy artists organized around six key themes, this thematic exhibition presented the highlights of Belgian art as well as revisiting this great genre in art history: National Landscapes, Industrial Landscapes, Nocturnes, Skyscapes, Imaginary Landscapes, Abstraction and Nature.

Exhibited artists: Stevens, Artan, Rops, Vogels, Ensor, Khnopff, Spilliaert, Degouve de Nuncques, Magritte, Broodthaers, Dotremont, Charlier and Alÿs, Bogart

Especially for the exhibition LANDSCAPES of Belgium, the writer and director Jean-Philippe Toussaint had written a new and exclusive piece of fiction and created a new photographic installation in Belgium.

Exhibition catalogue :

Paysages de Belgique,
Un voyage artistique, 1830-2015

Racine Publishing, Paperback, Colour illustrations, 23x24cm, 176 pages



HENRI-VICTOR WOLVENS. From darkness to light
25.06 > 20.09.2015

Georges Strens, Belgium 2015

A devotion to the infinite variations of light, colour and material

Close to Ensor and Permeke, the painter Henri-Victor Wolvens (1896-1977) devoted his career to the infinite variations of light, colour and material.   At his Brussels debut, he was secluded in a monochrome world of dark and muted shades.  But the North Sea inspired an explosion of colour with an everlasting force.  A sparkling exhibition that dazzled your eyes this last summer.

I painted a water jet, a large canvas where I finally summoned up this magic ...  something that goes beyond painting or water vapour, a crowning moment.  It was that part of the earth in all its glory, reaching to the sky then crashing, scattering.  Gleaming water trickling, dazzling firework water, luminescent.  A Eureka moment!  This was it, it was beyond painting, it was light. […] Oh light that makes everything beautiful!  ... The light ... Is it golden?  Blue?  Silver?  This is no colour ... It happens and transfigures.

Henri-Victor Wolvens



25.06 > 20.09.2015

Belgian photographer Veronique Boissacq specializes in portraits of children. Her ethereal and powerful style has yielded numerous awards like Patrick Lecompte Price (2009), Marnixring Prijs Félix De Boeck (1997) & Kodak Price (1993 and 1989). Her portraits aim to portray a society adrift, hidden behind a superficial beauty. With Equations, the artist offered a unique exhibition.

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Exhibition catalogue :

Languages : FR‐EN
Size : 20 cm x 26 cm
Cover : hardcover
Nbre of pages : 112 pages
ISBN : 978‐2‐930451‐17‐6
Price : 29,00 €

BELGIAN ART. Between dreams and reality.
25.06 > 20.09.2015








The Museum of Ixelles invited you to walk the path of Belgian art, through a selection of masterpieces from the collections.

This panorama provided an insight into the major artistic developments in Belgium in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, as well as illustrating the depth, richness and uniqueness of this artistic period. Cradled between international influences and the development of specific local characteristics, Belgian art unfolds from a fundamental quest of freedom and modernity.  These two objectives serve to sustain coherence in the art as it evolves and forms deep affinity for reality and a propensity for a fertile imagination: an art between dreams and reality.

With works by Constantin Meunier, Eugène Laermans, Théo Van Rysselberghe, Émile Claus, Georges Lemmen, Fernand Khnopff, Gustave De Smet, Constant Permeke, René Magritte, Paul Delvaux and Pierre Alechinsky.

Exhibition catalogue :

Claire Leblanc, L’ART BELGE. Entre rêves et réalités. Collections du Musée d’Ixelles, Bruxelles
Silvana Editoriale, 175 pages, 119 colour illustrations.
French edition, 25€.


THEME ROOM - 14-18.
Between exile and melancholy
25.06 > 20.09.2015

On display in one of the museum’s permanent galleries, in conjunction with events organised by the commune of Ixelles around the 1914 – 1918 commemoration, the Museum of Ixelles presented a poignant exhibition of the lives of Belgian painters and how war influenced their work.  Many artists took the road to exile, to the Netherlands or the United Kingdom and were influenced by foreign artists.  Twenty paintings and sculptures by Gustave De Smet, Constant Permeke, Rik Wouters, Walter Sauer and Louis Thévenet together with our own collections are on display.  If the works rarely depicted war itself, the story of their creation confronted the tragedy from another perspective, through the history of art. Many pieces contrast with the harsh reality of the conflict and serve to show how art can both transcend the everyday and encapsulate life away from battle.


Fall 2015

22.10.2015 > 17.01.2016

The exhibition NERVIA / LAETHEM-SAINT-MARTIN. Traits d’union invited you to (re)discover two Belgian arts groups that played an important role on the Belgian artistic scene during the interwar period: The Laethem group in the northern countries which included amongst others, Gustave Van de Woestyne and Valerius de Saedeleer and, in south, towards the Hainaut axis, Nervia, with Anto Carte and Léon Navez. These artists favoured a serene atmosphere and warm palette. Their works were brought together for the first time and revealed the numerous areas of convergence as well as the differences between the two groups.

Exhibition catalogue :

Michel De Reymaeker, Françoise Osteaux, Cathérine Verleysen
Hardcover, 240 x 280 mm, circa 200 pages
978 287386 957 1
Éditions Racine



SOPHIE CAUVIN. Sacred geometry
22.10.2015 > 17.01.2016

Between spirituality and substance, impetuousness and meditation, halfway between art brut and conceptualism, the singular work of Sophie Cauvin is subtly and skillfully balanced. Tirelessly exploring the enigmatic links between an intimate experience and the macrocosm, her work shown at the Museum of Ixelles is full of potential and elegance.

Exhibition catalogue :

Sophie Cauvin
31 x 31 cm, 300 p
ISBN 978-88-6644-036-9

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