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Exhibitions 2014

Exhibitions 2014 in Museum of Ixelles: Eurantica, Duane Hanson...

Spring 2014

14.03 > 23.03.2014


In 2014, the Museum of Ixelles and BNP Paribas Fortis, in association with Eurantica, proudly present Dream Brussels, an exhibition of selected works from Belgian modern artists.

Curated by Claire Leblanc, Curator of the Museum of Ixelles, the exhibition is homage to the cultural richness of the European capital.  Visitors are invited to a take a stroll down a timeless and much trodden path through a Brussels dreamscape.
Works dating from the 17th century to the present day depict fanciful representations of the city of Brussels, as it has never quite been seen before.
Be it rural idyll, mysterious, secluded or surprising, scenes of an imaginary Brussels are perfectly indulged.

DUANE HANSON. Sculptures of the American Dream.
20.02 > 25.05.2014

 Menu Hanson - Expos 2014

Striking and disturbing, Duane Hanson's sculptures are presented for the first time at the Museum of Ixelles. In the tradition of Pop Art, Hanson takes a sharp and sometimes harsh view on the consumer society and mass American culture in the aftermath of the Second World War. Balancing talent, cynicism and humanism, Hanson’s evocative figures lingering around the Museum’s spaces will certainly impact on any visitor.

Summer 2014

STEPHAN BALLEUX. The Painting and its double
26.06 > 14.09.2014

The exhibition STEPHAN BALLEUX. The painting and its double unveiled the latest work of this burgeoning and promising Belgian artist. Balleux is a multidisciplinary artist combining drawing, painting, sculpture and multimedia. He was undoubtedly one of the most talented artists in Belgium today. The Museum of Ixelles was devoting a major exhibition in order to highlight his striking work and a range of issues. Somewhere between reality and illusion, blurring the lines of creation and perception, Stephan Balleux examined painting and the artist in a digital age and Photoshop. Through a selection of mesmerizing work, Balleux invited the visitor into his strange yet familiar world. Questioning the status of the image, painting, reality, the limits of representation and perception, Balleux opened the doors on a world of rich aesthetic experience where pure painting dominates.
Disguising reality in his paintings, Balleux’s work was both powerful and fascinating that willcaptivate all audiences.

Fall 2014

23.10.2014 > 18.01.2015

The Museum of Ixelles presented the carefree and sensitive world of the famous Belgian master, Paul Delvaux.
The non-conformist and original exhibition PAUL DELVAUX unveiled revisited the work of the artist by highlighting six omnipresent pictorial themes of femininity, mystery, dreams, escapism, loneliness and theatricality.
Under close scrutiny from the keen eyes of curators, art historians, art critics and collectors, the unique approach of these themes revealed a richness, depth and poetic force in the work of Paul Delvaux.


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