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Exhibitions 2013

Exhibitions 2013 in Museum of Ixelles: Alberto Magnelli, Vincent Solheid, Pauline M'Barek, Vincent Chenut, Chat Noir, Mig Quinet...

Spring 2013

ALBERTO MAGNELLI, Pioneer of abstraction
21.02.2013 > 26.05.2013

Antonio Magnelli exhibition 2013 (c) Museum of Ixelles

The exhibition ALBERTO MAGNELLI Pioneer of Abstraction, invites you to discover the prolific work of this remarkable artist from the 20th century. Finding artistic inspiration from the Italian Futurists and his contacts with the Parisian avant-garde, from 1911, Magnelli produces his seminal and original work. Associating with Guillaume Apollinaire, Pablo Picasso, Fernand Léger and Henri Matisse, Alberto Magnelli began to occupy a significant place in the cultural scene in Paris around the time of cubism and the rise of abstraction.

Between his new figurative and creative realism, Magnelli astonishes with a strength and freedom in his visual work, whilst remaining engaged with the aesthetics of his time.

VINCENT SOLHEID, Public confessions
Winner POP-UP 2012
21.02.2013 > 26.05.2013

Vincent Solheid exhibition 2013 (c) Museum of Ixelles

Invited by Jean-Luc Moerman at the exhibition POP-UP in 2012, Vincent Solheid won the audience award. Solheid Vincent is a contemporary artist; atypical, equivocal and versatile. His drawings, paintings, sculptures, plays and films reveal questions and are altogether breathtaking, evasive, probing and farreaching. Discover the work of this ingenious young artist.

PAULINE M'BAREK. Like but unlike
Winner ArtContest 2012
25.04.2013 > 26.05.2013

Pauline M'Barek exhibition 2013 (c) Museum of Ixelles

Winner of the 2012 ART’CONTEST, PAULINE M’BAREK presents polymorphic installations of drawings, videos, objects that question the place of art in light of artistic tradition. She explores the boundaries of the world of the museum and ways to overcome them. Discover the surprising, subtle and delicate work of this conceptual artist.

14.03 > 14.04.2013

This young artist tirelessly questions the relationship between form and surface in his work. Paper is gouged, scratched and bent, drawings are erased.
Fascinated by the academic drawing as well as by the tormented lines of Van Gogh, Vincent Chenut’s original work is both powerful and poetic. He won the ROUSSEAU PRIZE in 2012.

Summer 2013

CHAT NOIR, Art et pleasures of the Belle Époque
27.06.2013 > 15.09.2013

Théophile-Alexandre Steinlen, Tournée du Chat Noir Théâtre de Mons, 1896, coll Musée d'Ixelles © photo Mixed Media

This exhibition explores the literary, artistic and musical atmosphere of the famous Black Cat cabaret of Montmartre in Paris during the Belle Époque, hosted by the audacious Rodolphe Salis (1851- 1897). Works from Toulouse-Lautrec, Edouard Vuillard, Théophile- Alexandre Steinlen, Nabis and the Symbolists immerse you in the bohemian world of Parisian nightlife and art at the turn of the century.

Exhibition catalogue:

Catalogue Chat Noir

Phillip Dennis Cate, Luce Abélès, Diana B. Schau, Michela Niccolai
Autour du Chat Noir. Arts et plaisirs à Montmartre. 1880-1910
Skira-Flammarion, 24 x 28cm, 200 colour illustrations, 25,50 €.

27.06.2013 > 15.09.2013

A prominent female figure in Belgian lyrical abstraction during the twentieth century, MIG QUINET produced work that is deep, fiery and poetic. Her paintings clearly display freedom in the use of colour, a vibrant touch, tentative gestures and still live on in today's modern art in Belgium. This exhibition invites you to rediscover the powerful and delicate art of this extraordinary artist.

Exhibition catalogue:

Denis Laoureux, MIG QUINET. Abstraction faite
Pandora Publishers, 28 x 24,5 cm, pp. 200 pages – 30 €

Fall 2013

17.10.2013 > 19.01.2014

VICTOR VASARELY.Hommage autumn 2013

A key figure in kinetic art (or ‘Op Art’ as in optical art), Victor Vasarely attained distinction in twentieth century art history for his prolific abstract geometric pieces. A true master of composition, Vasarely combined, connected, swapped and assembled geometric elements with an accomplished vision, advocating formal minimalism and optical effects.
This hommage invites you to rediscover Vasarely’s rich and radically modern work.

VICTOR VASARELY.Hommage autumn 2013

Exhibition catalogue:
- no longer available at the bookshop of the Museum of Ixelles

SilvanaEditoriale, VASARELY. Tribute

Collection Lahumière, 106x170 cm, 217 pp– 35 €

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