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EXPO BIS - HOP ! Art exhibition for kids

HOP ! Art exhibition for kids

19.10.2017 > 04.02.2018

Artists have plenty of tricks up their sleeve when it comes to representing movement, be it stillness, frenetic, wavy or resonant. Taking some twenty works from the museum collection as a starting point, HOP! is an exhibition tailor-made for children aged between 6-12 years and is designed to stimulate the senses! Moving away from usual conventions, this exhibition puts the work within reach of the children and gives the adult a new take on art.

Pierre Alechinsky, CoBrA de transmission, 1968, Coll. Musée d'Ixelles
© SABAM, photo Mixed Media


Young publics at the Museum of Ixelles

Since its creation of its Public services in 2010, the Museum of Ixelles has always been keen to develop a programme of activities aimed at familiarising children with art from an early age and according to a variety of educational approaches. Tours for toddlers, interactive visits, children’s activities based on games, family workbooks, workshops and art courses are some of the Museum of Ixelles projects.

Alongside, specific projects have also been produced. In 2013, the VICTOR VASARELY. Hommage exhibition gave rise to the creation of an ephemeral interactive space in which children could explore forms and colours in an interactive and autonomous way.

Based on these experiences and always keen to explore new ways to appreciate art, the Museum of Ixelles now offers a new exhibition dedicated to children.


HOP-Lab © Laurence Vray


An exhibition in collaboration with Patrimoine à roulettes

The Museum of Ixelles created this extraordinary exhibition in collaboration with Patrimoine à Roulettes, a non-profit organisation working for the development and promotion of an active hands on pedagogy with regard to cultural heritage and the arts.

Formed in 1998, the Patrimoine à Roulettes team consists of art historians, educators, scenographers and other passionate artists who mobilise their various expertise according to each project. All share a common vision of cultural heritage and the arts, viewed not so much as learning objectives but more a tool for discovering oneself and others, and a genuine means of communication between people.

The sensory, playful, non-academic, hedonistic, artistic and cognitive approaches proposed by Patrimoine à Roulettes merge genres and viewpoints to appeal to a diverse audience. Creativity takes pride of place.

Projects worked on by Patrimoine à Roulettes range from arranging performances, workshops, didactic tools, lesson plans, educational training resources and organising events and exhibitions.  They have collaborated with a variety of partners including the archaeological site at Coudenberg, BELvue Museum, SuperVliegSuperMouche, Heritage Days, Kidsgazette and Bruxelles-les-Bains, to name but a few.


Stage de danse avec PIMPAMPET, 2017 © photo Laurence Vray


HOP- Lab

A white box. Three screens. Fifteen dancers aged from 4 to 74. Eleven adjectives of movement.

Take off your shoes. Listen. Watch.  And dance.

The PIMPAMPET collective presents a video installation where everyone is invited to discover themselves through motion. In a large empty room, fifteen dancers guide this physical journey through space and time.

Alongside the exhibition, the collective questions the eleven qualities of movement througheleven sequences. The collective filmed fifteen amateur dancers across all generations who then invite the spectator to dance.  In the clean, minimalist space, PIMPAMPET shares its baroque, wild and frenetic energy with visitors


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