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Visits and activities for pupils from 3 to 6 years old.


Activity for children from 5 to 12 years.

Let's travel between the permanent collections of the Museum of Ixelles and the Robert Doisneau exhibition. Between photography and paintings, photo equipment, cameras, engraving tools, oil, pastels and brushes, how will the artists stop our crazy race? 1-2-3 Soleil! Stop! Standing still, what do we look like? What is the shape of our bodies? Is it curved or straight? Floppy or rigid?  Through play, we will explore movement in art and the feelings it brings about in our young visitors.

In the workshop, we will make silhouettes to decorate in black and white.


Objectives of the visit:
- Discover the notion of posing (with a camera and as a live model)
- Discover different tools used to capture the movement (painting, sculpture, photo)
- Observe works with still and moving bodies
- Compare different movements and different lines of force
- Use his/her own body to analyse a work
- C+reate a work that captures the movement of the body

Interactive guided tour of 1 hour or a tour with workshop lasting 1h30.
!!! You can also chose for the HOP-lab experience rather than the workshop, if you prefer. Please mention it clearly when you make your reservation.



The painter’s box
From 4 to 7 years old

The Painter's Box

Colour palette, oil, canvas, cloth, charcoal, pigments… Let’s discover the painter’s tools along with the artworks of the museum.


Duration: 1 hour
Cost: 50 euros for a group of 15 children.  Free for accompanying adults.

Information en reservations : Public Works Department, Stéphanie Masuy and Débora Leleu. Whitin a week you will get an answer, thank for understanding. 02/515 64 21/22 -



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